March Micah Pictures

Micah March Pictures

A Busy Weekend

Christmas Season Happenings 2007

A Day at The Park

A Communion Meditation- Bread Of Life

Bread Of Life

People, wandering, lost in a wilderness,

Hungering and thirsting they cry out to their God.

Manna, bread from the heavens,

God sends the Bread of Life.


People, following, gathered in a wilderness

Hungering and thirsting they crave the words of life.

Jesus, breaks the bread-five loaves for the many,

“I am the Bread of Life”

God sends the Bread the life.


People, wandering, lost in the wilderness,

Hungering and thirsting they cry out their gods-

Vanity and Power, Selfishness and Greed-

Where is the bread of life?


People, wandering lost in the wilderness

Hungering and thirsting they cry out to their gods.

Ecclesia, God’s church,

God sends the Bread of Life.

-Mary Gilmour

Fall Fun- Pictures with Micah

October 2007

Here are some pictures of Micah having some fall fun. We went to a really neat farm that had a ton of fall activities. Micah had a blast. He played in the corn kernel bin, played on the slides, took a ride on hay wagon and cow train, and he raced a tricycle. Mom and dad had fun too!

I also included some pictures of Micah at our church’s fall festival as well. Nathan and I took turns manning the bean bag game while Micah played the other games. He loved the bat and spider games. They also had a bowling for black cats game that he found quite enjoyable. He also liked to ring the pumpkin with the hula hoop. Of course, he also enjoyed decorating his own Halloween cupcake. Yum! We all had a great time.

Welcome To My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. Since Nathan’s blog is entitled Hardly The Last Word, I thought I’d be cute and name mine The Last Word.

However, I don’t pretend that anything I say here is final. It will probably be ramblings and pictures of Micah.